Healthy fashion tips for curing melasma


This is another healthy tip for facial skin, especially for people suffering from melasma and sunburn. Most people suffering from melasma face daily difficulties to cure their ailment because it’s actually impossible to stop going out during the day especially during sunny days and people living in hot climate. We all have jobs to do and also our daily routine, so to keep away from the sun especially people with melasma is very difficult. We try different laser treatments, topical cream and home remedies to try to cure it but anytime we go out under the sun the darker the hiperpigmentation will be. I want all those with such skin issue that are facing these problems to Get a UV Protection wide brim sun hat.


Yes, a UV protection wide brim hat is the just the solution! It can help protect uyou from the ultraviolet rays from the sun and you can go out to do ur daily routine out in the sun. It also good to use sun blocks creams on your body before you go out and make sure your wide brim hats are on. Please don’t forget to drink enough water  to keep you hydrated under the sun. Drinking enough water keep your skin hydrated which is very healthy for your skin.

Avoid using Hydroquinone products because it can cause more harm than good to your melasma. The lightning effect of Hydroquinone is not permanent and this can cause the melasma to return and be more aggressive than before. Ask your dermatologist before using any topical cram on ur melasma because most have adverse effect. Please becareful with home remedies cure advice of melasma from the net Because some can give you wrong information which will lead you to more skin problems. Wish you all that dream skin you desire.

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